We manufacture and supply amusement machines for many years, we have worked with many manufacturers to provide the highest quality at the same time using only the best available products on the market. We have gained a wide range of knowledge so that we know very well how to operate the device for entertainment. As part of the daily work we are a technical support, advice and deliver pieces parts to independent operators.

In addition, we help to install and configure the device by offering comprehensive customer service. We support you from the date of purchase, providing the highest possible to generate income.

For whom?

Our machines are very useful in:
- Discos, pubs, clubs,
- In / at the restaurant,
- In the beer gardens,
- Water parks, swimming pools,
- In places designed for children,
- In the galleries,
- At festivals, outdoor events
and other places that are an opportunity for socializing.


Our company offers you:
- Renting and leasing of amusement machines,
- Sale of machines, parts and accessories throughout the Polish and outside the Our ​​country,
- Full professional service equipment,
- Comprehensive services for expert advice (eg. Placement of vending machines, an appropriate choice of automaton),
- The ability to co-create thematic events.


Using our offer we provide:
- Increase the attractiveness of the premises,
- Provide additional entertainment to your customers,
- Adapting the offer to your needs and expectations,
- Individual preparation of the offer,
- Satisfaction resulting from the cooperation with our company,
- Professional assistance and advice.