Samurai Boxer


Presented boxer machine – Samurai Boxer has a unique style that attracts the attention of the player not only because of the graphics, because the advanced range of light and sound is the most advanced version of this type of entertainment devices available on the market.

Samurai Boxer is a revolutionary dynamometer, which draws the attention of a crowd of people, and there will always be eager to impress others with his strength!

We invite you to cooperate and to ask questions in the sale, lease or service boxing machines.


  • Appearance: available in standard graphic or any request graphics
  • Information about the strength of impact in dozens of voice comments
  • Available in any foreign language at the customer’s request
  • Measurement of strength, speed and reflexes
  • Reliable electronics
  • Electronic self-diagnostic system
  • Setting the force of the impact
  • Programmable electronic coin
  • Setting the record
  • Electronic counter
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • European CE certificate


  • Height: 215cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Depth: 110cm
  • Weight: 116kg

The dimensions of the package are similar to the given dimensions of device.

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